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Las Vegas

Facts About Driving While Intoxicated In Vegas

Many people assume anything goes in Las Vegas. However, that is far from the truth, especially when it comes to drinking after a night out of partying! Driving drunk can affect your life for years to come. Plus the retributions for this act are very large as it could not only harm you but harm or kill someone else. 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lasted reported:

  • Twenty-nine people die in the US every day due to alcohol-related crashes. 
  • The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes is higher than 44 billion dollars.
  • Yearly, more than 1 million drivers are arrested in the US for being impaired while driving. 


While driving drunk is the leading cause of fatal car wrecks, other drugs such as marijuana and opioids are also a huge and serious problem. 


Drinking & Driving In Las Vegas

In cities like Las Vegas, DUIs remain a consistent problem because many people come here to do drugs, drink, and party all day and night. However, we want to assure everyone who visits Vegas has a safe and fun time on their vacation. So we’re providing you with the facts on drinking and driving!

  • By federal law, if you are 21+ operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher, you can and will be charged with a DUI.
  • Nevada has a zero-tolerance policy for those drinking and driving under the legal age of 21. 
  • Drinking and driving is a crime. If you are pulled over by the police while intoxicated, you will be treated as a criminal and handcuffed on the scene.
  • Alcohol is not the only substance that can result in a DUI. Prescription and non-prescription drugs (legal or illegal) that affect your ability to drive can result in a DUI. 
  • If you refuse a breathalyzer or blood test by the police, they can obtain a warrant and force you to undergo the test. 


We aren’t telling you these facts to scare you but to make you aware of the severity of drinking and driving in Las Vegas! We recommend doing additional research on the Nevada state laws before your next Vegas vacation.


If you doubt your ability to drive after a night out, always call for a sober ride! It’s better to be safe than sorry!! We also recommend planning a safe and sober ride before going out in Las Vegas, as taxis and Ubers can have delayed waits. If you need a safe and fun ride on or off the Las Vegas Strip, give Discreet Transportation a call at 702-342-0188! We will provide you with a party bus ride rather than a ride with the police! 

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